Friday, September 4, 2009


I sampled my last dog of the summer today, a caravan hound named Rani, our 183rd Indian dog. All told, I've taken blood from 691 dogs this summer, and I gotta say, I can't wait to get home. India was lovely, if whirlwind, but I'm tired, really sick of airports and hotels, and miss my son. Tonight at 2am dehli time we board our first flight home, and in 33 or so hours, we finally make it to my mothers house, hallelujah. We'll of course keep posting this summer's stories on this blog, if only to tell the story of the Indian SIM card procurment adventure, the worst driver ever, and a few other tidbits from our travels. But I think I've finally got Ryan so he enjoys blogging, and his enthusiasm keeps me writing too. We've got loads of stories to tell and loads more adventures to have, so eve if we're eager for this one to come to a close, we'll keep you updated with whatever comes next.

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