Monday, July 27, 2009

Photos from Croatia

Ryan with a very cute boar-hunting puppy from Croatia (well, the adult dogs, not that puppy, hunts boar).

OMG more cute puppies (we saw SO MANY in Croatia):

Sign seen outside our dorm in Zagreb:

Two local helpers from Bosnia where we sampled stray dogs around a particular town. They were great about showing us where all the dogs hang out and introducing us to the local dog owners. We've found the same thing happening in many places throughout the world---kids just love helping us out. At first they didn't want any pay but they finally relented and accepted ice cream. As a human interest story, one of them lost their dad in the Bosnian war and the other one's dad lost a leg. In fact in Bosnia we saw much more war damage than in Croatia---lots of buildings with RPG holes, etc. Lots of men missing limbs, etc. Our trip through a number of former war zones has been quite sobering.

More puppies! Trying to sample one of them its littermates just got in the way (while Ryan took pictures and laughed instead of separating them). Ah the joys of fieldwork.

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