Sunday, June 28, 2009

USA v Brazil

[guest post by Ryan]

Since our hotel's satellite went down today, Cori and I are at a nearby sheesha bar where they have an enormous projection TV set up for the big USA v Brazil FIFA Confederations Cup final due to begin in 10 minutes. This is huge---the first time the USA has ever played for a major FIFA championship. Of course we're the huge underdogs, but we were last time too against Spain. The 3rd place game earlier today (South Africa v Spain) was a thriller---hopefully this one will be too. While the commentary is in Arabic, it's kind of fun since the only words we routinely understand are "Gol" and "Kaka" (the latter being the name of one of the Brazilian attackers).

I may update this post with commentary as the game progresses (or maybe not, depending on how engrossed I get).


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Bob O'Hara said...

2-0 up after 27 minutes? Something's gone wrong in the world.